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Critter Treats & Critters Pyrography

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Scrumptious Dog Treats Tasty Varieties


Bacon and Cheese Sticks - Yummy extremely popular treat just filled with bacon and cheese 

Breath Fresher - A popular treat with mint, parsley, apple, wholemeal flour, oats and coconut oil.

Fish and Chips - A healthy salmon based fish treat along with sweet potato/and or pumpkin and apple based chips a very popular treat.

Carob Chip Teddies -  Doggie version of choc chip teddies, made with tasty peanut butter and honey with carob 

Cheese - These cheese treats are a real favourite. 

Peanut butter and Honey - An extrememly popular flavour combination

Turmeric and Peanut butter - A tasty treat for fur babies with arthritis.

Peanut butter and Pumpkin - Tasty popular treat 

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