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Critter Treats & Critters Pyrography

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Mary, chief cook and bottle washer, riding Cookie one of the quality control and taste tester team who has given the Barn Yard Cookies and Treats her personal approval.

Cookie is a rescue horse destined for an untimely end to her young life and came to us skin and bones and as she could not race she was no longer wanted or needed - but she is now safe, loved and treasured. Cookie is also a yellow book qualified endurance horse, although a floating accident has made her afraid to go near one again has seen her retire from doing the endurance rides - she is now a lady of leisure going on trail rides and basically just loving life.

Shane who is Kane's owner.  Shane is our general roust about doing a wide range of behind the scene things..... 

Introducing Zac - this little bloke was 11 weeks old when he came here, before that he had had four homes, and was abused in each one- he is now safe and not so afraid to do anything poor little man. He does like his new position as a member of the taste testing quality control team - canine division.

Will get a better picture of him soon!


                                   Tess and Zac


Is a new member of the family and has taken to the role of quality control and taste testing quite willingly :) she is a staffy /heeler cross with gorgeous red heeler colouring.  Her former owners because of circumstances beyond their control sadly couldn't have her any more and she had to find a new home.... well here she is.....safe, treasured,  loving life and likes meeting new people, making the cats look like bottle brushes and taste testing treats.


Merlin is the oldest member of the canine quality control team and is a truly gentle giant being a purebred Irish wolfhound seen here skillfully sneaking a just baked apple and carrot pup cake!!!

Our dear sweet Merlin passed away 8 June 2017 he is sorely missed.  Rest in Peace old friend. 


Kira is the little lady of the team and is also a purebred Irish wolfhound, Kira enjoys her quality control manager role very much!!!! Sadly our beautiful big girl passed away due to heart failure. A very sad day indeed and she is also sorely missed. Resting along side of her mate Merlin.


Kane is a lovely, very sweet natured dalmation who is a very keen member of our canine team and really LOVES his taste testing job.  

Recently returned home is the gorgeous mini horse Miss Vanity,  little Miss QT and Miss Lily who are our very small mini ponies were glad to see their friend back home.....Miss Vanity really likes those Barnyard Treats.

Members of the Equine (Lily, Q.T and Cookie) and Feline ( Minnie, Sox, Tilly, Salem, Jade, Boof, Archie and C.J) quality control team

All of the cats in our team apart from Jade (sadly now deceased)my beautiful Chinchilla are all rescue cats there are nine in total and have either been dumped or strayed in to us all have been neutered and are a much treasured part of the family- lucky little guys:)

Naughty Joey our resident long billed corella, certainly likes the new Honey Bird Treats, although not so sure about having his mug shot taken.

Beautiful Beau (aka Sexy Legs)  has given the new Honey Bird Treats the big thumbs up.

Patches and Ginger, cute as a button little quality control managers and taste testers for our Rabbit and Guineapig Treats

Our gorgeous little miniature goat Nellie has definitely given the Barnyard Treats the big thumbs up.

Miss Nellie now has a little friend named Dolly, Nellie wasn't sure what to make of this little critter at first now they are inseparable:)

Little Miss Dolly