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Critter    Treats

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Our Ingredients

What goes into our treats  - Just good wholesome human grade, critter friendly ingredients.  We extremely fussy about what goes into our treats and make sure that everything is of a very high quality.

There is nothing in our treats that you could not eat yourself, that is if you would wish to do so.

Our meat treats are made from  high grade quality meat to satisfy and tempt your best mate's taste buds and our ingredients are sourced from local suppliers.  

All of our other ingredients are also from local suppliers where ever and when ever possible, who we are proud to support.

Our honey comes virtually from the bee to you!!!  from local suppliers who have just the best tasty locally produced honey.

Our eggs are free range and are either from our very own dear chicky and ducky girls or otherwise are locally sourced.

No preservatives or any other kind of hidden nasties are in our treats we value your pets and your business

We make treats for a variety of pets and nothing is for sale unless we are 100% satisfied with the product and it has been passed by our quality control managers vigorous taste testing and approval regime!