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Critter    Treats

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We are now doing our pyrography work again, this is

something that I have done since the 1980s and 

are now available at our market venues.

Plus we also are offering snuffle mats as well... boredom busters for fur kids available at our market venues...

Very yummy mini cheese doughnuts topped with yoghurt and  crispy bacon bits

We have a new product which our cats just absolutely 

love and we will have these at our market venues.  

A new flavour to add to the our collection of scrumptious treats Pizza Bites

These tasty morsels combine cheese, bacon, basil, oregano, tomato paste and chicken bone broth to make up these new treats - passed with a huge paws up by the canine division of our quality control and taste testing team.

Our very own Paw Balm, for all those have asked us, it is finally here!!!!

Paw Balm with French Lavender Oil for it's 

anti -bacterial and anti - fungal properties

Paw and Nose Balm - plain without the Lavender Essential Oil

Since we are often asked about dried treats, we

have finally decided to go ahead and try some at 

present we have Chicken & Ox Liver/heart and  

are available from us at our regular market venues or 

from our online shop

Our new Soft Treats are now available - Yes we have listened to our customers once again to their wishes and have come up with some scrumptious flavours of soft treats including Cheese, Chicken and Carrot plus Salmon, Cheese and Parsley and others including our extremely popular chicken liver one.  These treats are suitable for both cats and dogs, and been well tested and have most definitely been passed by our Canine and Feline quality control and taste testing teams. We only  bring a certain amount with us so you can order                                                     some before the market, but please give us a couple of                                             days notice, so we can make sure that your order can                                                be made for you.  

Salmon and Parsley Treats - a rich source of Omega 3 for your fur kids available in our normal size and our popular minis for those little fur kids

These join our other Meat Lovers Range Varieties already available. 

Check out our online store

Now available are Turmeric and Peanutbutter treats for your best mate.....Turmeric may help with arthritis in older dogs

Due to the number of animals liking our Horse and Pony Treats and Cookies including goats, sheep, pet pigs, alpacas and cattle we have decided to rename them... so they will now be known as Barnyard Bikkies and Barnyard Cookies

Pet Rat and Mouse Treats now available

Grain and Egg Free Treats now available - tasty treat sensations for all those fur babies who can not have grain or egg in their diets and are available in several  flavours

We finally have bird treats!!! Honey Bird Treats are now available from our market stalls/events or can be ordered from us and have been approved by the feathered members of our quality control team.  There are chook treats also available.

 We also now have  small bite sized treats for those special  little dogs which available in most of our range of dog treats

Doggie Vo Vos and Doggie Doughnuts are also on our product list "Yummy" these have most definitely been passed by our quality control managers! 

******* Due to the insistence of our quality control managers (canine division) Ox Heart Treats are now available in our Meat Lovers Range ********


Doggie Fish & Chips

This is a tasty combination of healthy omega 3 rich Salmon treats together with Sweet potato and apple based chips - Both the Canine and Feline divisions of our quality control team have given these the big thumbs up.

We now have our very own unique Critter Treats stamped treats :) 

We can now offer CAT BIRTHDAY CAKES!!!!

Passed and well tested by our feline quality control managers who have given the big paws up